Cynical Lessons

“There were always men who practiced this philosophy. For it seems to be in some ways a universal philosophy, and the most natural.” – Julian the Apostate 1 Some months ago, I discovered a series of books on ancient philosophies produced by the University of California Press, with lovely details of Baroque paintings reproduced on […]

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What Happens When We Do This‭?

Post-Anarchism Today‭ Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies‭ (‬ADCS‭) ‬2010.1 Edited by Duane Rousselle‭ & ‬Sϋreyyya Evren Published and distributed by Little Black Cart ‭‬Underneath Anarchism…‭ ‬Post-Anarchism‭ Recently,‭ ‬I finished reading issue‭ ‬#1‭ ‬of‭ Post-Anarchism Today:‭ ‬Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies‭ (‬ADCS‭)‬.‭ ‬As the name implies,‭ ‬it is a journal of post-anarchist cultural studies encompassing articles

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Kafka Reloaded

Redefining Apparatus in a Series of Government Waiting Rooms “So what?” the taller guard called out, “you’re behaving worse than a child. What is it you want? Do you think you can bring your whole damn trial to a quick conclusion by discussing your identity and arrest warrant with your guards? We’re lowly employees who

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A Is for Adraknones

I’m going to wager that you know someone who has read more science fiction and/or fantasy novels than I have. In fact, you might be that person. I don’t live in the world of sf/fantasy; however, I’ve been vacationing there off and on for the past several years. I know a little bit about it,

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